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Sabates Eye Centers Earns “Accredited Dry Eye Center” Certification

Feb. 9, 2017 – In an effort to better diagnose and treat dry eye disease, a condition that affects millions of people in the United States, Sabates Eye Centers has become certified by TearLab as an “Accredited Dry Eye Center.” This designation lets patients know they can expect to be evaluated by experienced optometrists and ophthalmologists using the most precise diagnostic equipment available.

Sabates Eye Centers employs TearLab’s Osmolarity System to get a quantitative reading on eye dryness levels in patients. We’ve found that treatment is much more effective when we know the exact extent to which a patient is affected by dry eye disease. In addition to being very accurate, the dry eye test performed at our eye care clinic is also quick and painless.

By analyzing only a miniscule amount of a patient’s tear fluid, the dry eye test provides our medical professionals with an exact dryness number. Then, based on a patient’s unique level and symptoms, an appropriate course of treatment is prescribed. With treatment, dry eye disease is a highly manageable condition.

Dry eye disease is so common that many people do not even realize their symptoms can be treated. Symptoms include itchy eyes, a burning sensation, or general discomfort in the ocular region. Our advice is for anybody who’s experienced any degree of ongoing eye discomfort to go ahead and have the test done, even if symptoms are mild.